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"accept who you are;
and revel in it."
We cry



*puts silverware between teeth* it’s a metal fork

Your days are numbered


Flowers #2 (by *:Hinata:*)
"What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace."
written by Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found In Accra (via meditationsinwonderland)


that would be a very nice place to lay down and listen to music or read and feel the sun on your face

❀ Take a walk in my bohemian flower field ❀


Girl, an ongoing series 
by Lora Mathis 

"‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no."
written by And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it.  (via madgay)

do you believe you’re missing out?
that everything good is happening somewhere else?
"Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground."
written by Kyoko Escamilla  (via seabelle)
"You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while"
written by Eckhart Tolle (via carmentheowl)